One Man’s Love by Karen Ranney

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One Man’s Love (Highland Lords #1) by Karen Ranney

Though fate made them enemies, a wild Scottish woman and a hardened British soldier find a passion that conquers all in this historical romance.

Alec Landers spent his boyhood summers falling in love with Leitis McRae on the Scottish Highlands. The now-grown Earl of Sherbourne has returned to this troubled land a British colonel, and therefore a foe to the bewitching lass who still holds his heart.
Agreeing to become an enemy colonel’s prisoner in her uncle’s stead, Leitis is confused by the traitorous passion she feels whenever her captor is near. But Alec dares not reveal to her who he was—or his dangerous secret identity as Raven, the outlaw defender of the Scots—even if protecting his lady costs him her love . . .

One Man’s Love – Karen Ranney

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