One Fine Night by Kait Nolan

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One Fine Night (Special Ops Scots: Prequel) by Kait Nolan

As a Royal Marine, I’ve taken on countless missions, but navigating life as a civilian might be the biggest challenge of all. I need to stay focused and figure out what the hell I’m doing with this early retirement.

Then she crosses my path. A stranger on a train, she instantly captures my imagination. A beautiful, vibrant distraction I didn’t know I needed. And maybe something more…
When my charming companion faces unwanted advances, I step in, pretending to be her boyfriend. But the connection between us is too real to be an act.
What might have been only a brief encounter turns into an unforgettable night as we both find far more than we were looking for, if only we both have the courage to hold on.

One Fine Night – Kait Nolan

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