Ollie’s Recovery by D.M. Earl

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Ollie’s Recovery (Blue Sky Sanctuary #0.5) by D.M. Earl

Former Navy SEAL Ollie O’Brien can’t deal with being sidelined and discharged. His military career was his greatest accomplishment. And now, he’s flailing and fumbling as he searches for purpose in a world that doesn’t seem to value him at all. And when his sister lands him a job in North Carolina, Ollie is reluctant to accept.

Veterinarian Paisley Smythe is in over her head. She needs help with her choices in life, and she’s striking out left and right. But when a friend reaches out with an idea, she meets the one man that could be the saving grace that she’s needed all along. However, the rugged, handsome, and broken man may need her more than she needs him.

As Paisley and Ollie work together caring for the animals and saving the clinic, something sparks between them. Ollie’s injuries force him to believe he’s not enough for Paisley. And Paisley’s past demons destroy her confidence in relationships. Can they both find a way to heal in one another’s arms?

**Note: This book was previously published in 2022 as Survivor: A Salvation Society Novel. Content has been modified. **

Ollie’s Recovery – D.M. Earl

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