Off Sides by Andi Jaxon

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Off Sides (Darby U Hockey Boys #3) by Andi Jaxon

The captain of the hockey team has a lot of responsibilities but when it’s just us, all he wants is to be my good boy.
Senior year should have been the same as the previous years: football, hook ups, and homework.
But after the season ended, somehow, Joey Carpenter happened.
He’s weaseled his way under my skin. Into my heart.
The strong, intimidating, hockey player melts so beautifully for me and I’m addicted.
He pretends like he doesn’t need anyone, but I see him.
See what he really needs.
The longing to be cared for is there in his eyes.
I desperately want to give it to him.
If I’m being honest with myself, I need to matter.
I need to save him.
Save him from himself.
Save him from his family.
Will I be able to convince him that he deserves to be loved without conditions or will they leave him ragged and broken?

Off Sides – Andi Jaxon

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