Of Bone and Ash by B.M. Clemton

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Of Bone and Ash (Silverwood University #1) by B.M. Clemton

To fight the monsters, sometimes you have to become one yourself.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been silent, ensuring my secrets remain buried in the depths of my soul. I lived the perfect life my brother set up for me, with a family I adored, never letting them see what was beneath the surface.
It was all perfect, or so it seemed. But deep down, I’ve always known I am the harbinger of destruction and death, leaving a trail of ruin in my wake. Everything I touch seems to die.
Family… Friends… People… Souls.
I can feel myself losing the battle, the dark thoughts and bloodlust creep ever closer to the surface. So when I hear about the murders happening at Silverwood University, I decide it’s time I do something good by being the worst kind of beast possible. The monster that frightens all others.

Of Bone and Ash – B.M. Clemton

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