Not As Advertised by Violet K. Avery

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Not As Advertised by Violet K. Avery

Everything in Aiden Sullivan’s career has brought him to this moment.
New job. New city. New company.
As the youngest V.P. in Appeal Media’s history, he’s got a lot to prove—there’s no room for error.
Getting involved with an employee would be a mistake. Getting involved with Abigail Summers would be a disaster.
She’s too young. Too sweet. Worst of all, she’s his new executive assistant.
This relationship has the word “forbidden” written all over it.

He didn’t leave his tight-knit family behind in L.A. just to destroy his career. But Aiden can’t stop thinking about the curvy, lavender-haired woman who sits outside his office door every day.
Except one forbidden moment leads to more. And Aiden finds it impossible to push their relationship back into professional territory.
When reality comes knocking, and the price of their choices must be paid, can Aiden afford to follow his heart without giving up everything he’s worked for?

Not As Advertised – Violet K. Avery

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