Nobody Falls for the Opening Act by Tabatha Kiss

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Nobody Falls for the Opening Act (Break the Rules #2) by Tabatha Kiss

He’ll warm up your crowd, your bed, and your heart.

Being the guitarist for Criminal Records, the nation’s number one rock band, is a dream come true. But like all complicated lifestyles, mine comes with a few hard and fast rules.
Protect your heart at all costs, and…
Don’t date other musicians. Ever.
Let’s just say the road can be a treacherous place for a girl whose been burned before.
Enter Harvey Moon: our opening act with killer looks, a voice that makes panties melt, and the uncanny ability to make me question every single one of my rules.
Our friendship hits all the right notes, but the more time we spend together, the harder it is to ignore the sizzling chemistry between us.
Can I keep my secrets buried and my heart intact, or will Harvey’s love song break down all my defenses?

Nobody Falls for the Opening Act – Tabatha Kiss

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