My Sweet Addiction by Indi Marie

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My Sweet Addiction (A Bad Boy Anthology Story #5) by Indi Marie

I’ve been burned before and long decided that women are only good for one thing. After learning the hard way, I’ve decided no woman will get close enough to hurt me again. All of that goes out the window when I see the perfect woman at an event, and it’s love at first sight. My body physically reacts to her immediately, and I know I’m in trouble. Sophia is the perfect woman, and nothing will stop me from making her mine. I’m never letting her go. I’ve allowed this woman to bring me to my knees and now I’ll bring her back to me where she belongs.

When I meet Luca while catering a gala, sparks fly. I’ve never felt like this about someone before. Without thinking, I give him a fake name, thinking this will be a one-night hookup. Then it ends up being so much more. How do I come clean to Luca about who I really am? Little do I know Luca has lied about something so much more important. Needing to get away, I run, not knowing I’m taking a piece of Luca with me.

My Sweet Addiction – Indi Marie

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