My Orc Next Door by Veronika Kane

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My Orc Next Door (Eastshore Isle #1) by Veronika Kane

I’m beginning to think he needs me as much as I need him…

Look, there are plenty of things I just learned about the gorgeous, seven-foot-tall perfect specimen of male living next door to me:
Karnak can scent everything about me, including those times I thought I was alone in my hot tub and I decided to experiment with different water jet settings.
He’s really good at finding lost kitties (not a euphemism).
In the four years I’ve lived next door to him, the orc has known—beyond a shadow of a doubt—that I’m his fated Mate. And apparently it’s killing him to stay away.
But our beach town of Eastshore is dying, and I’m the one tasked with saving it. No pressure, right? And the fourth thing I’ve just learned about Karnak is that despite being the world’s largest, greenest recluse, he’s also the only one who can help me save our cozy, tightknit community.

Unfortunately, he has this silly idea he deserves to be alone. If I can’t convince him this town is perfect for him, then how can I prove I’m perfect for him, too?

My Orc Next Door – Veronika Kane

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