My Mountain Man Recluse by Sadie King

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My Mountain Man Recluse (Wild Heart Mountain: Mountain Heroes #4) by Sadie King

She’s half my age.
She’s my best friend’s daughter.
She’s off limits, and she’s stranded in my cabin…

When Izzie turns up at my cabin all youthful energy and sunshine, I can barely face her.
But no matter how grumpy I am, I can’t drive her away. Not when the biggest storm in a generation is brewing.
Izzie’s the reason I live up here on the mountain, hidden away.
She’s the only woman I desire and we’re stranded in my cabin.
But Izzie’s father is my best friend.
If only he knew what I want to do to his daughter…

My Mountain Man Recluse is a forbidden love, grumpy/sunshine, short and steamy age gap romance featuring an ex-military recluse and the curvy innocent woman he can’t stay away from.

Authors note: My Mountain Man Recluse is a steamy instalove novella that can be read in about two hours. If you love a quickie, then dive on in!

My Mountain Man Recluse – Sadie King

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