My Best Friend’s Brother by Liam Livings

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My Best Friend’s Brother (Close Connections #2) by Liam Livings

A reserved graduate who hoped being 28 would be simpler. His actress mother is getting married to her driver, of all people, and his dad is unbelievably happy with new-husband, 28-year-old, Matt. Ryan doesn’t date because relationships are for suckers, and he’s never found a woman he fancies; anyway, he has his best friend Sam.

Stylist to the stars, with a keen eye for fashion, oodles of charm and confidence, he’s always in demand. For years he’s cared for his mum, brought up his brother Sam, and looked after his ex-boyfriend while they were together. Now he’s done; at 33, he’s happily single and can put himself first.

Graham is styling the family’s outfits at Ryan’s mother’s wedding. Ryan finds his self-confidence fascinating, his gym-honed body impressive, then irresistible. Ryan needs Graham in ways he’s only imagined.

My Best Friend’s Brother – Liam Livings

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