Morally Corrupt by Veronica Lancet

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Morally Corrupt by Veronica Lancet

She’s a sociopathic assassin. He’s the chief of police…and her husband.

Bianca Ashby, a certified sociopath with an obsession for her husband, tries to juggle two lives – the demure NYPD Chief Commissioner wife, and the perfect Bratva assassin; all the while keeping her husband safe and blissfully unaware.
But when high-level corruption and a personal vendetta raise the stakes, no one is who they say they are; least of all Bianca’s perfectly dull husband Theo.
From glitzy New York ballrooms and charity events to underground sex rings, drugs, and illegal fights, Bianca and her husband must put aside their differences and work together against a common enemy.
But will their marriage survive?
Morally Corrupt is a romantic thriller with elements of horror and gore. This is a dark book that explores questionable moral behaviors. Please read the triggers before proceeding.

This is the second edition of a previously published title and contains new content.

Morally Corrupt – Veronica Lancet

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