Montana Healing by Elise Savage

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Montana Healing (Beartooth Ranch) by Elise Savage

Small-Town Therapist Mia Marlene falls for a grumpy Bull Rider.
Hold on for a Wild Ride with this steamy Romance set in the heart of Montana.

As a therapist, I’ve seen it all, but Tyler Parker is a special case. A bull rider with an intense glare and a heart of stone, he’s not my type—until he is.
Our sessions are more than just therapy—they’re a battlefield. I’m sunshine; He’s a brooding thunderhead. We clash at every turn.
But when a storm traps us together, the forced proximity changes everything. Suddenly, the grumpiest man in Pine Creek is the only one I can’t resist.
He’s got secrets, and so do I, as well as our careers on the line.
Walking away was supposed to be easy, but leaving Tyler? That’s a heartbreak I’m not sure I can handle.
Will our secrets tear us apart, or can love conquer all?

Montana Healing – Elise Savage

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