Midnight Whispers by P. Rayne

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Midnight Whispers (Midnight Manor #3) by P. Rayne

I spend my nights slinging drinks at Black Magic Bar or taking my clothes off at the local strip club. After my father passed, my stepmother gave me no other choice.
But when I break free of the chains binding me to my family estate, I find myself with nowhere to go. Until Nero Voss, the youngest of the billionaire Voss brothers, offers me a room at Midnight Manor. Now, I’m under his watchful gaze and enjoying it more than I should.
I shouldn’t give in to temptation, he is my stepsister’s ex-fiancé after all, but the pull toward him grows stronger by the day. I fight, but I’m losing the battle.
Nero is keeping secrets, though.
What he doesn’t know is that I’m keeping secrets, too.

Midnight Whispers – P. Rayne

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