Midlife Wolf Bond by Carissa Andrews

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Midlife Wolf Bond (Accidental Alpha #4) by Carissa Andrews

Midlife Can Kiss My A$$…
In the ashes of my once-perfect home, I face a dire challenge that threatens everything I hold dear. Andres and his Redmond Pack have left my life in shambles, and the safety of my children hangs by a thread. I can’t wait idly as rival packs move in on my territory.
With Stone, my fated mate, by my side, we embrace our powerful bond, unlocking new abilities that could tip the balance in our favor. But our bond alone isn’t enough to secure peace and protect my pack.
A strange, magical object may hold the key to our victory. As we delve deeper, we uncover a prophecy that foretells our destiny as Moon Wolves. Our journey is fraught with danger, betrayal, and tests that challenge the strength I thought I had.

Can Stone and I truly claim our bond and fulfill our destiny? Or will the forces against us prove too strong, tearing apart the fragile peace between the supernatural and human worlds?

Midlife Wolf Bond – Carissa Andrews

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