Mercy for Reaper by Cassi Hart

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Mercy for Reaper (Steel Order MC #3) by Cassi Hart

After one of my worst days working at the hospital, all I want to do is drink wine straight from the bottle while soaking in the tub. I’m about to make my own wish come true when I hear a pained groan coming from inside what should be my empty house. My terrible day gets even worse when I find a strange man bleeding on my bathroom floor as he fades in and out of consciousness. My first instinct is to help him—I am a nurse after all. But who is this man, and why is he in my house? He’s clearly involved in something dangerous, and I know I should call the cops. But when I meet his mesmerizing hazel eyes and he begs me not to turn him in, my resolve crumbles. Little do I know that helping this stranger is going to turn my whole world upside down, and I’ll end up falling in love with the one type of man I promised I’d never give a second look. Reaper is exactly what his name implies. Can I trust a man who deals in death to protect my heart?

When a betrayal nearly costs me my life, I’m left with no choice but to seek refuge in the first place I find, which happens to be a quiet little house in a sleepy neighborhood—the last place anyone would think to look for a man like me. I barely make it inside before passing out, and everything after that is nothing but flashes of gorgeous green eyes and dark hair. Eventually, I regain consciousness and find that the angel of my dreams is real, and she’s everything I never knew I needed. My time spent hidden away with Holly doesn’t just heal my body, it resurrects my soul, something I thought I’d lost long ago. But my life isn’t a fairytale, and I’ll have to fight with everything I have to give Holly the happily ever after she deserves, which is exactly what I’ll do because from the moment I saw her angelic face, Holly was mine.

Mercy for Reaper – Cassi Hart

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