Merciless Princess by Alexa Michaels

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Merciless Princess (The Vlasov Bratva #2) by Alexa Michaels

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a prince of the underworld when positioning himself to take the twisted crown of crime must be in want of a queen to stand at his side.
I couldn’t let them do it. Let them end the life of the bratva prince. He’s a good man; a dangerous one, but a good one. I had to warn him! I owed this mobster a life debt, even though he’s forgotten my face.
So I did it. I passed him the message and disappeared into the night.
The only problem? When you enter the monster’s lair, he might not be ready to let you fly away.
When a decadent vision appeared at my doorstep one night, I found myself stunned. How is it that after years of emptiness, there is a flicker of light in my dark existence?
I blink, and she’s gone.
But my pretty little bird left a feather. It’s enough to track her down.
When I find her, I’m going to make her mine.

Merciless Princess – Alexa Michaels

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