Mending Spirits by Donovan Snow

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Mending Spirits (The Bartender Mage #3) by Donovan Snow

For Leif Becken, bartender and novice mage, the last six months have been beyond breathtaking. From discovering that he’s a spiritmancer with the unique ability to mix magical cocktails, to falling in love with two amazing men, his biggest hardships seem to involve cleaning shifter fur off the couch and being spoiled with too many home-cooked meals. But now a fugitive from his boyfriends’ past has resurfaced, threatening to upheave this tranquility.
Before they’d met Leif, Detective Tucker Johnson and Agent Rahul Basu had once failed to apprehend a rogue geomancer, and the resulting fallout left Tucker in a state of depression, cost Rahul his job, and ended the pair’s relationship. They’ve since rebuilt their lives better than before, with Leif snuggled squarely in the middle, but that just means that they have more to lose if history repeats itself.
As his boyfriends steel themselves to track down the elusive geomancer, will a concerned Leif be able to keep them all safe, or will unearthed lies end up putting them six feet under?

Mending Spirits is a low-angst, polyamorous paranormal romance about dealing with big feels, inviting your friends to clothing-optional saunas, eating raw cookie dough, the extraordinary power of paperwork, and supporting your loved ones during difficult times.

Mending Spirits – Donovan Snow

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