Luke by Toni Denise

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Luke (Billionaire Blind Dates #5) by Toni Denise

Luke has a problem, he’s been lying to his friends for too long and it’s time for him to tell the truth.
Paisley has a secret of her own, one that has completely changed her life and when Luke finds out it’s going to change even more.
Luke dated Paisley to distract her from his brother. He messed up though and fell for her. When he cut her out of his life, he didn’t look back. It was harder than he ever expected but he didn’t want her involved in his family drama.
Paisley has a son, one that Luke fathered and doesn’t know about. He ghosted her and she couldn’t get in touch with him to tell him about the baby so she did what she had to and made changes in her life for her son. When Luke shows up unexpectedly one day she knows he will be there for them.
As Luke struggles to overcome his past and tell his friends and family about the things he’s done, Paisley is there with him. His father continues to try to pull them apart and they have to decide if theirs is a love worth fighting for.

Luke – Toni Denise

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