Lovers’ Dance by K Carr

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Lovers’ Dance by K Carr

Tutus and ballet shoes. Which little girl didn’t want to be a ballerina? Of course, no one warned you about the real chance of ending up with ugly feet.
Madison DuMont was born to dance. English by birth but raised in New York, she has returned to England in pursuit of her dream to become a top ballerina with her best friend and fellow dancer, Dante Palmer.
Armed with her inheritance and sheer determination, she opens her own ballet company in a quest to make a name for herself and show the world her grace. Did it matter she was broken on the inside and karma had it in for her? Under the bright lights no one saw that.
One fateful moment was all it took to change everything. Matthew Bradley crashes into her life and now she’s out of her depth. Maybe moving to England hadn’t been the wisest choice.
Karma may be gunning for her, but at least she still had cute feet…

Lovers’ Dance – K Carr

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