Loved By You by NL Amore

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Loved By You (Always & Forever #1) by NL Amore

They say the hardest boy to get over is the one you never had, and sadly I know that to be true.

I had the picture perfect life, the husband the kids and the white picket fence and then it all came crashing down. In the wake of trying to navigate my new life as a single mom I never expected him, my brothers best friend, the boy I never had to pick up all our broken pieces. Is our timing finally right or will it ruin everything?
If right person wrong time was a thing then that’s exactly what we were.

After a life changing event that ended my military career, I find myself back home going into business with my best friends.
I should be enjoying single life and then she walks back into it, reminding me of everything I could never have but secretly always wanted, and now to complicate things more, I’m her boss.
I should give her space, I should keep things professional but how do I stay away from the woman I’ve always wanted now she’s within my reach

Loved By You – NL Amore

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