Love to the Rescue by Natalie Ann

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Love To The Rescue (Looking For Love #2) by Natalie Ann

What should have been a simple white lie about having a fake fiancé looked more like a Cinderella Story. But will the stagecoach stay in its form when the truth comes out?
Braylon Carlisle has lived in the shadow of his brother, the man he idolizes. So it shouldn’t be any surprise when he saves a woman from being hit on…just like his brother did. Simple enough, right?
Lilian Baker only wants to get her coffee for the weekly staff meeting in peace. When one guy doesn’t get the hint, a sexy attorney walks over to play it up as he is her fiancé. She goes along with it, thinking she’ll never see him again, only to find out he works in her building and is well known.
Rather than her life getting easier, it is only more complicated with a charade that she wishes was real.

Love To The Rescue – Natalie Ann

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