Love Thief by Wren Charles

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Love Thief (The Greystone Family: Stolen Hearts #2) by Wren Charles

How does the saying go? ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ Or is it ‘What happens on tour stays on tour’?
The problem is, it never does. It always gets out. Follows you home.
Maybe my line should have been ‘What happens in France stays in France.’
That one definitely followed me home. To London, Devon, Vegas, Scotland, Glastonbury. No escape for me, for him, for us.
The past can not be outrun, you have to stay and face the music. Whatever tune it’s playing. And when the player is your very own rockstar husband, with an entourage determined to drive a wedge between you, lies, jealousy, bitterness and betrayal make a heady tune.
Am I strong enough to maintain my own tune, love, light and family? Make my Greystone motto into the only saying?
Family above all.

Love Thief – Wren Charles

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