Love Overboard by Ada Barumé

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Love Overboard by Ada Barumé

The course of true love never did sail smooth…
Things on this yacht are about to get rocky…

When feisty chef Sofia and strait-laced first officer Jack are thrown together as the crew for a luxury yacht on the beautiful Amalfi Coast, it’s anything but smooth sailing. And after their first interactions end with one very soggy first officer and an all-out battle over strawberries, they vow to give one another a wide berth for the remainder of the season.
But even on a 154-foot yacht, space is tight – and, try as they might, Sofia and Jack are thrown together time and again. And when disaster strikes for their wealthiest guests, the pair are forced to put aside their rocky start for the good of the charter.
As the tides begin to turn, Sofia and Jack discover that they might just have more in common than they first thought. And maybe, just maybe, Jack might be the starboard to Sofia’s port …
After all, the most skilled sailors know that when the waters don’t run smooth, you simply need to chart a new course …

The perfect enemies-to-lovers for fans of Below Deck and Emily Henry’s Book Lovers.

Love Overboard – Ada Barumé

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