Love on the Korlyan Moon by Petra Palerno

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Love on the Korlyan Moon by Petra Palerno

When the aliens who kidnapped me dropped my bubble into the ocean of an alien moon, I really thought I was a goner. I thanked my lucky stars when Kitaico, a bizarrely hot tentacled alien rescued me from what would have surely been a watery grave. There’s one big problem though, I accidentally took his mating sting. So, through no fault of his own, we both have to deal with my forced heats thanks to his venom. Can I fight my chemical induced attraction enough to work out if I want to spend forever with Kitaico?

With only a short time left until I can complete my Great Proving and be found worthy of one of the few female mates on my planet, Lena drops into my lap. I don’t understand how the Great Mother could give me a mate who can’t mark me in return, but I know there’s something special about this human. Will I be able to resist her during her heats and somehow show the elders that I’m worthy of Lena? I’ll do anything to keep her, or die trying.

Love on the Korlyan Moon is a very spicy alien romance novella (50k words) set on a distant moon in the Bubbleverse. This book is a spinoff from the Bubble Babes series, but is a standalone. It features a language barrier, size difference, he falls first, mating marks, forced heats, a human female tattoo artist FMC, and a virgin alien MMC who will do anything for his human mate. If you’re ready to dip your toes into tentacle spice, love a sweet inexperienced MMC, or just want to delve deeper into the world the Bubble Babes series started, this is for you! Includes a well-earned HEA.

Love on the Korlyan Moon – Petra Palerno

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