Love on Call by Taryn Daniels

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Love on Call (Nantucket Romantic Comedies #3) by Taryn Daniels

Love was never supposed to be part of the deal

Hi, I’m Clay Ashley and I’m a workaholic. There, I said it. But hey, let’s be fair, I’m good at my job and desperate to land the Head of Pediatrics role at Oakridge Children’s Hospital. I’ve heard rumors that the board prefer a family man, not a perpetual bachelor like me. That’s when Kat Wilson enters the picture – the beautiful woman I protected from her angry ex on Nantucket island, who agrees to pose as my fiancée. The fake kisses we share are electric, but it’s all an act . . . right?
As we dive deeper into this fake engagement, I find myself falling for Kat’s sassy spirit and radiant smile. But I’ve been lying to everyone, including her. When the truth inevitably comes out, will it shatter my chance at the job I’ve coveted my whole career? And will Kat walk out of my life forever?

Love on Call – Taryn Daniels

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