Love is Blind by N Owens

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Love is Blind (Blinded Love Duet) by N Owens

They say Love conquers all, but can we conquer her demons.

I wasn’t supposed to fall for men like them. I heard the rumors but their gentle touches and soft voices tell me something else. My body craves them now but when my past finally catches up to me, will they be able to save me from my nightmares.
We never claimed to be good men but Wren changed us. She tried to run at first but she didn’t get far. My Little Bird, Maverick’s Angel, Jaxon’s Princess. She is our everything now.
But when a nightmare from her past comes around again, we turn back into the sinners we know we’ve always been. If he thinks he can just take our woman, he has another thing coming.

Love is Blind – N Owens

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