Love Finds Home by CM Smith

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Love Finds Home (Boulder Canyon #3) by CM Smith

I don’t want her.

She wasn’t supposed to like it here. The pixie with an attitude crashed through the door and into my life without my permission. Now she won’t leave, and every minute I’m around her is an exercise in control.
Elle Workman is under my skin. Invading my thoughts. Fighting with me in and out of the bedroom. Especially out of the bedroom. She’s implanting herself in my life, my head…my heart. All against my will.

She’s got secrets. She’s hiding things. Every fiber of my being wants to protect her, but she won’t let me.
When the stakes are raised to life and death, I’ll do whatever it takes to save her and claim her as mine.

Author’s note: Love Finds Home is an enemies-to-lovers, grumpy/fake sunshine, hidden relationship story featuring a protective, walled-off grump and a heroine hiding secrets and wearing fake smiles.

Love Finds Home – CM Smith

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