Love By Design by Minta Hannon

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Love by Design by Minta Hannon

Lucienne Amato
Being a web designer is all about bringing a client’s vision to life. I love having complete creative control over every aspect of the design process, that is until my company implemented a new system, one that churns out cookie-cutter websites without the need for my creativity.
To make matters worse, we have to work on-site once a week and my new annoyingly attractive project manager is the last person I want to collaborate with…

Jude Carr
New system, new team structure, new faces…
My role as a project manager is a lot of managing expectations, overseeing development progress, and recently, trying to keep my eyes off of the curly-haired web designer I can’t get out of my head.
After two less than desirable catastrophes, I get the feeling she wants nothing to do with me. That makes things complicated, because all I want to do is be around her…

Love by Design – Minta Hannon

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