Love and Other Goals by Tracy Baack

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Love and Other Goals (Love and Other… #1) by Tracy Baack

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…right??

Lana Grant’s goal is too important to risk failing, so she’s formulated an iron-clad plan to get to where she wants to be—changing the world as an immigration lawyer, just like her mother.

She’s spent all of high school and college ticking off boxes toward her future, aided by the support of her family, sorority friends, and campus ministry group. She hopes her recent summer internship will be the final factor that makes her law school application stand out in the stack.

Now, all Lana needs is for her long-time crush to finally confess his love and her dream future can become a reality.
Lana thinks she has the dominoes all lined up—that is, until the captain of the soccer team, Mateo Alvarez, asks her to coffee and throws a very unexpected wrench into her plans.

With senior year responsibilities and law school deadlines looming, Lana balances her relationships with her best friends and new boyfriend while still pursuing that all-encompassing life goal. But what happens when unforeseen circumstances turn things upside down and her well-planned future threatens to unravel? How will Lana choose which goals to fight for?

Love and Other Goals – Tracy Baack

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