Lost in Tuscany by Sophie Sinclair

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Lost in Tuscany by Sophie Sinclair

Predictable thirty-six-year-old Summer Andrews doesn’t realize there’s such a thing as drunk-booking a trip until she wakes up with a beastly hangover and a non-refundable singles-only bike tour through Tuscany. Not one to waste her hard-earned money and wanting to escape her impetuous mother, she quickly embraces the idea of going, even though she hasn’t ridden a bike in years and the only Italian word she knows is “gelato”. Summer arrives in Italy, fresh-faced and ready to find a possible love match. Instead of gliding through the Tuscan hills next to Fabio, she’s on a sweaty bike tour full of Lance Armstrong wannabes with matching bedazzled bike jerseys and spandex shorts. Relegated to the C-group of bike riding losers, her bike tangles with another in a Tour de France-style wipe out. Relieved to be off the tour and with adventure humming in her veins, she finds herself at the Rossi Olive Farm, knocking on the door of the charming, enigmatic Lorenzo Rossi. Summer takes her chances with a fun summer fling that quickly blossoms into something deeper. With the kiss of freedom fresh on her lips, Summer likes this new, sexy, confident version of herself. But when trouble brews back home, she’s torn between her sense of duty and her heart. If Summer returns home, she might lose everything she’s found in Tuscany.

Lost in Tuscany – Sophie Sinclair

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