Lost and Found by Jenny Worstall

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Lost and Found (The Heart of Bath #1) by Jenny Worstall

A sweet romance set in Regency Bath…

Captain Henry Templeton is missing after the battle of Waterloo, presumed dead. Six months later, a few weeks before Christmas, he returns secretly to his home city of Bath. He is desperate to declare himself to his childhood friend, Miss Kitty Honeyfield, but fears she will not be able to accept the man he has become after his shocking adventures. And until Henry has discovered the identity of the mysterious enemy who wishes him dead, he cannot risk exposing Kitty to danger.
Kitty is ecstatic to learn that the man she loves has survived. She longs for the romance with Henry she has always dreamt of – but will he still be interested in her after his experiences abroad? Besides, her father has made it clear he expects her to restore the family fortunes by marrying the odious Lord Steyne.

As friendship blossoms into love, Henry’s enemy emerges from the shadows with a wicked plan to separate the pair for ever…

Lost and Found – Jenny Worstall

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