Lord of Vice by Piper Stone

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Lord of Vice (Lords of Corruption #5) by Piper Stone

I stole food from a powerful Russian Pakhan. My penance? Marrying him.
Las Vegas. Sin City. The place where fortunes were won and lost. However, working in the opulent city hadn’t brought me good luck, just the opposite. Now, living in my car with my beloved Goldendoodle, I was broke and famished. But my decision to run out on a tab after feasting at a local restaurant proved to be my downfall. Yet after saving the life of what I thought was just another customer, I soon learned even a good deed had consequences.
Kraven Sokolov was the leader of the notorious Las Vegas Bratva, a man to be feared. While grateful I’d saved his life, whisking me away to his posh residence, I quickly discovered he wanted more. With every strike of his belt, every passionate caress of his rough hands, it became apparent I was going nowhere.
Soon, I became more than just a plaything to the chiseled man with the deep emerald green eyes. I became his. Forever.

Lord of Vice – Piper Stone

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