Living Dead Girl by Ayden Perry

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Living Dead Girl by Ayden Perry

I love the dead—a passion for them if you will. There’s nothing like cutting, collecting, and storing parts of them in jars.
Can you keep a secret for me?
What I’m doing is immoral, but I’ve found someone special to love. If anyone were to find out… You know what? Let’s hope that never happens, because
It’s Illegal!

I’m a King. If the elegant font scrolled across my breast pocket is any indication of the name I bear, then my arrogance is sure to do the rest.
Want more?
I’ve held hatred in my heart for a long time, and I’m striking while the iron is hot. Vengeance, power plays, and manipulation are what I’m here for. We can even add murder to the table. Nothing is off-limits. Not even my girl’s toy, and
He’s DEAD.

Living Dead Girl – Ayden Perry

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