Lillian by Wren White

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Lillian (Wicked Temptation Key Party) by Wren White

I fell in love too fast… that was my problem. Lincoln sucked me into his orbit from the first day I met him. With his quick wit, quirky personality that matched my own, and his unflinching honesty.
But maybe I didn’t give it enough time for his real personality to shine through. Because the minute that unflinching honesty is put to the test, he lies through his teeth. Tells his parents I’m just a friend and the next day we’re through.
I know there is more to the story. People don’t just flip a switch and lose feelings for no reason. But I’m not going to stick around and beg someone to love me.
Four years later though, our paths cross again and his eyes go straight to the blonde haired, blue eyed toddler clinging to my leg and calling me mommy.

If I’d been born to a different family—to a mom who was sane and loved me for who I am and not what I can give her, or to a dad that didn’t care only about how my own accomplishments reflected on him—I would have lived a long, happy life with Lillian.
But that’s not the hand I was dealt. She’ll never understand why I’m the reason we couldn’t be together.
But that doesn’t make it any easier when four years later, I run into her again. Only she’s not alone. A miniature version of her is tugging on her pants and stopping the breath in my chest when she calls her mommy.

Lillian – Wren White

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