Lighting the Way by Quell T. Fox

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Lighting the Way (Monsters of the Realms #2) by Quell T. Fox

She goes to him in the night, calling his name, begging for forgiveness.
Why won’t he answer her?
He tells her he doesn’t know who she is—but that’s a lie.
He told her she was his heart, and he can’t live without that.
So why is her shadow monster pretending she’s invisible?
And how is her other mate okay knowing he has to pick up the pieces of her broken heart?

As an Agent of Light, he’s sent to the human world to keep the balance between light and dark.
He’s been doing it for years; it’s easy as pie.
But it turns out this mission isn’t as black and white as he’s used to—in fact, it’s pretty grey.
The only thing keeping him together is knowing he’s finally found his mate.

Lighting the Way is book two in the Monsters of the Realms Trilogy.
They must be read in order.

Lighting the Way – Quell T. Fox

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