Lich’s Desire by Celeste King

Lich’s Desire (Mates of Aerasak #2) by Celeste King – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

This human is all mine…Even if she doesn’t know it yet.
She’s bold, climbing into a demon’s carriage.And brave to escape the auction house.A daring little thing in more places than one.The bedroom included.
She wants revenge against those who enslaved her.And I want her.So I propose a fake marriage.My protection for her cooperation.At first, it is merely a means to an end.But now I crave her.Her touch. Her body. Her heart.And I will have her.
Nobody will stop me. Not even her.She wanted revenge, but what she’ll get is me.And I’ll be more than enough.

Lich’s Desire – Celeste King ePUB

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