Liaising Kai by Zoe Dawson

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Liaising Kai (NCIS #11) by Zoe Dawson

Two agents, two services, one vow—justice…

NCIS Supervisory Special Agent in Charge Kai Talbot takes an interest in a case that involves a petty officer who was tortured and murdered in her home. After a preliminary investigation, the victim is tied to a CGIS agent, but when Kai goes to question him, she finds him missing. She also finds CGIS Special Agent Davis Nishida, a man she has been fantasizing about ever since she first met him and to top it off, she’d just had an embarrassing encounter with him the night before.

The man took her out of her comfort zone and tested her control. His dark good looks, his take charge attitude, and the chemistry that sizzles between them all added up to a serious problem. A lifetime ago she lost so tragically that she never wanted to be that vulnerable again. But Davis stirred something in her that is irresistible and compelling. Working together was like flicking the switch on a bomb. There’s no doubt it’s going to go off…violently.

Davis finds himself back in the presence of Kai, the intriguing, tough but fair leader of the crack NCIS team. He’s determined to make this a joint operation between the services. After a terrible tragedy that compounds and confuses the case, Kai and Davis find themselves going to Ecuador. He and Kai dig in deeper and the deeper they go, the closer they get to that predicted explosion. The tempting and captivating presence of Kai, a sensual pressure undermining his control, is already pushing so many buttons.

As the threat builds and the investigation heats up, so does their connection, but will they be able to find a path forward once the case is solved…if they survive.

Liaising Kai – Zoe Dawson

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