Lessons in Sin by Tessa Winters

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Lessons in Sin (Professors of Love #1) by Tessa Winters

I didn’t know he was my professor the first time I went home with him.

It wasn’t until I walked into his classroom a few days later and he introduced himself as Professor Ryder that it became clear to me – I screwed up. But what’s a girl to do when a guy who looks like Tristan mesmerises you from across the room?
All I wanted to do was pursue ballet full time but instead, I was forced to go to college by my overbearing and controlling parents, and now look where I am – in a heated stare off with the English professor that I woke up next to two days ago.
Now we have to keep our distance and ignore the sizzling chemistry that binds us together, but there’s only so much that either of us can take – who will crack first, student or professor?

The Professors in Love series features obsessed heroes, forbidden love, and heroines who don’t take any crap from anyone. Perfect for anyone who loves possessive men, strong women, lots of spice, and a happily ever after!

Lessons in Sin – Tessa Winters

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