Lessons in Desire by Tessa Winters

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Lessons in Desire (Professors of Love #2) by Tessa Winters

When I applied to be Asher Calloway’s TA, I didn’t expect to want him so bad. But now, there’s no getting away from how much my body craves him.

I’m used to wanting things I can’t have. I want a normal family with a father who smiles more than he drinks. I want to go a day without worrying about the bills. I want to go out and live life without a care in the world. But the reality is; some of us just aren’t that lucky. But the minute I see Professor Callaway, something inside me shifts. Every want and desire comes rushing to the surface, threatening to upheave my pragmatic plans in favour of something riskier.
But risky is for girls who don’t have responsibilities.
I have to stay on track. My daddy depends on me. I have to stay away from Professor Asher Callaway – which is easier said than done when he’s my Art History professor and the first person to ever show any interest in what I want.
But as the tension between us rises, a threat lurks in the shadows, one that might just threaten every plan I have and my savior might just be the very man I need to avoid.

The Professors in Love series features obsessed heroes, forbidden love, and heroines who don’t take any crap from anyone. Perfect for anyone who loves possessive men, strong women, lots of spice, and a happily ever after!

Lessons in Desire – Tessa Winters

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