Leif by Mary Kennedy

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Leif (Voodoo Guardians #24) by Mary Kennedy

Leif Frode is in Egypt to help the CIA get an asset back. He and his team, consisting of most of his childhood friends, are prepared to get the individual out as quickly as possible, with no one the wiser. For whatever reason, he’s feeling nostalgic, his thoughts constantly going to his high school love and best friend, Ellie Stanton. When he and the team arrive to meet with the agency contact, he’s more than shocked to see that it’s Ellie. But the surprises are still coming. Another of their own is in trouble, and Egypt is on the brink of disaster.

Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Stanton is supposed to meet her contact, find the location of the asset, and pass it along to one of the spec ops teams. Surprises nearly knock her off her feet, the least of which is seeing Leif again. A mad woman is determined to destroy Egypt as it’s known today, and the team must stop it. But first, Ellie and Leif have to resolve old issues.

Leif – Mary Kennedy

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