Landen by Katie Dowe

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Landen (Members From Money Season 2, #127) by Katie Dowe

Tessa Chambers, an art enthusiast and gallery worker, never imagined her life changing dramatically when British royal Landen Chapman enters her world.
Fleeing from an impending arranged marriage, Landen is instantly drawn to Tessa’s warmth and intelligence.
Despite their different backgrounds, they quickly fall into a deep, whirlwind romance.
However, their budding relationship faces fierce opposition from Landen’s aristocratic family, who disapprove Tessa being a black woman.
Amidst family crises and Tessa’s unexpected pregnancy, Landen faces a pivotal choice:
Conform to his family’s expectations or fight for his love for Tessa.

Will Tessa and Landen’s love manage to bridge the gap between their worlds?
And can they bring about change in the staunch traditions of a royal family?

Landen – Katie Dowe

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