Kyle by Catherine Lievens

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Kyle (Green Hills Pride #10) by Catherine Lievens

Love makes people do stupid things for the right reasons.

When Kyle gets kicked out of his pack, he’s not surprised. Not only is he a tiger shifter living amongst wolves, but with his mother dead, the alpha has no reason to keep him. Kyle is also not surprised when his family decides to follow him. He needs to keep them safe, and he can only think of one way to do that.

Take over his father’s pride.

Dennis’s life is finally the way he wants it. With Alpha Carter gone and Gal in charge of the pride, Dennis was able to open his bakery and secure his future. He’ll do pretty much anything to keep things that way.

Maybe even give up on his mate.

Kyle didn’t expect to find another man sitting behind his father’s desk, or to like that man. He certainly didn’t expect Gal to let him go after he demanded the pride be handed over to him or for the alpha to try to get to know him.

Dennis and Kyle will have to choose between the pride and their mate, and neither of them knows how to do so.

Kyle – Catherine Lievens

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