Kracken’s Release by Darlene Tallman

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Kracken’s Release (Royal Bastards MC, Roanoke, VA #5) by Darlene Tallman

Children should be seen and not heard

Growing up the way I did, in a fundamentalist religion, I learned early on to speak only when spoken to. Otherwise, I paid the penalty with harsh punishments all under the guise of ‘discipline’ so that I would grow up to be a proper lady.
Meeting Belle in college was the best thing I ever did; she was outgoing, outspoken, and vivacious, and I was finally able to come into my own without my past dragging me down.
Until… we were kidnapped and held for more months than I care to remember. All because I found us a job as camp counselors. Since I no longer held my tongue, I was punished harshly in all ways. By the time Belle’s brother’s club found us, I no longer spoke at all. Why bother when all it would earn me was another beating?
Still… if only I didn’t feel like dirt beneath a snake’s belly, I’d enjoy the constant attention from one of the men, Kracken. However, he deserves so much more than I’ll ever be able to be now.

I grew up under RiffRaff’s reign as the president of the former Roanoke Raiders MC. Now, however, we’re Royal Bastards, with a brotherhood that spans multiple continents. So when I go with Jingles to find his woman, I have absolutely no expectations beyond having my brother’s back.
Except… despite her horrific injuries and muteness, which the doctors have all stated is her choice, I’m drawn to the petite brunette. She calls to a place in my soul I never realized was empty, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine. I don’t care what they did to her; the past is just that for a reason.
Only… she slips away one night and ends up in the clutches of the very men we rescued her and Belle from many months ago.
This time, however, she’s mine and my fury will be unleashed.

*Suitable for ages 18+ due to adult content, situations, and language*

Kracken’s Release – Darlene Tallman

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