Koroleva by Rose Gate

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Koroleva (Between Mafias #1) by Rose Gate

From bestselling European author Rose Gate comes her dark romance mafia series, poised to capture your hearts.


I am the first female Vor v zakone in Russia, and I haven’t earned this position by chance. My father and my brother have died at the hands of the enemy.
I have the responsibility to take care of my mother, my two sisters, and the family business. Someone wants to see my business destroyed.
All clues point towards the ‘Ndrangheta, and if it’s them, I will act swiftly.
For that, I have to go to the Costa del Sol with my family and marry the man who can destroy everything I have. It’s madness!
I’m not an innocent mafia princess; I’m the queen of the hive, the most powerful woman among my own. I will annihilate my opponents and won’t hesitate to do so.
It’s either them or us.


I don’t understand why my father is forcing me to marry a woman who is neither sweet nor angelic.
If she were an angel, she would come from hell.
She’s so serious, cynical… When she looks at me, I feel like she wants to crush my throat with her red heel.
I don’t care if we’re now married. I made a promise not to love her, and I’ll keep it.
I can’t do it after she slept with a man the night before our wedding!
But what I didn’t know was that Nikita would undo all my decisions… One look from her, a brush of her lips, a careless caress, and… my heart turns into universal chaos!

Two rival mafias…
A revenge carried out from the darkness…
An empire to conquer…

Koroleva – Rose Gate

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