Knotty or Nice by Taylor Fox

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Knotty or Nice (Monster Holidays #2) by Taylor Fox

When my bus breaks down near Devil’s Mountain, everyone warns me that the forest is haunted and that I shouldn’t follow the sound of a crying baby.
My hometown tried to sacrifice me to the devil. I’m pretty sure being kidnapped by the fae isn’t much worse.
It turns out that when I stumble through a portal, it isn’t the fae who show up, but a massive, furious green beast.
Thankfully, I’m a quick learner. I find out that:
One, orcs don’t like strangers.
Two, the portal back home is shut.
Three, the ruthless orc who keeps me as his nanny is their king.
Four, someone wants me dead.
Now, I have to survive long enough to escape,
before the grumpy orc king steals my heart completely.

Knotty or Nice – Taylor Fox

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