Kian Unleashed by Kris Norris

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Kian Unleashed (Team KOA Alpha #5) by Kris Norris

When a retirement party for a former commanding officer turns into a call to action, recently retired Navy SEAL Kian Fox and his team are ready to jump into the fray. Offering their services to the Hawaii branch of the Brotherhood Protectors is exactly the break they need, especially when they’ve been searching for their next permanent adventure, and Hawk’s outfit seems like the perfect fit.
Getting assigned to fly with Blake Garrett, the sexy pilot Kian’s been crushing over, feels like an act of providence. Blake’s tough, smart, and far too stunning for Kian’s well-being. But when their innocent operation turns into a full-fledged rescue mission, it becomes clear Blake’s not what she appears to be.
With skills rivaling any military helicopter pilot he’s ever flown with, it soon becomes obvious she didn’t move to the Big Island for the scenery — she’s hiding, and it appears as if her luck’s run out.
Having an endless contingency of armed men shadowing her is just what Kian needs to prove he and his team are her best option. That it’ll take more than mafia hitmen to make him sweat. He’s spent his life eliminating threats. For Blake… He’ll face all of that and more. Because after finally finding that one teammate he can’t live without, he’s not about to let anyone take that future away.

Kian Unleashed – Kris Norris

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