Just Act Natural by Genny Carrick

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Just Act Natural (Love in Sunshine #2) by Genny Carrick

I started this pretend romance to save face, not to lose my heart.
I’m indoorsy with a capital I, but I need to fake a little outdoorsiness to get a promotion. A five-day hike sounds like my nightmare, but after upending my life and moving from the city back to my small hometown, I need a win.
I didn’t expect to find someone like Grant Irwin in the wilderness with me. A cinnamon roll in mountain man form, he’s freakishly competent out here, and endlessly patient with my missteps.
But after everything with my critical ex-fiancé fell apart, I’m not looking for love. Especially not with someone who’s only here on vacation.
So when we get back to town and run into my ex, why do I pull Grant in as my fake boyfriend? And why does he go right along with my play-acting?
He’s been burned by love as badly as I have, but he looks at me like I’m the only thing he sees. I just can’t tell if his heart eyes are real or for show.
It’s all supposed to be fake. But falling for Grant? Nothing could be more natural.

Just Act Natural – Genny Carrick

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