Just a Mistake by Michelle Donn

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Just a Mistake (Elmer, Texas #4) by Michelle Donn

Weddings in Elmer can get out of control. Just ask Kendall Walsh.
Kendall has been dodging her former college flame and Elmer, Texas real estate mogul, Jude Morgan, since she arrived in town to run a political campaign. But now fate has stepped in, and they are sharing a dance in front of all of Elmer’s biggest busybodies.

A sizzling dance floor kiss sends Kendall into a tailspin, and before she knows it, Jude’s flat on his ass with the imprint of her palm glowing on his cheek. Desperate for an escape, Kendall seeks solace in a martini—but in Elmer, even a drink comes with a side of unexpected consequences.

Just a Mistake – Michelle Donn

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