Jump to Recipe by Jena Wade

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Jump to Recipe by Jena Wade

Sam Thornton has always poured his heart into his bakery and his blog, “Whisk Me Away.” Known for his mouth-watering recipes and heartwarming stories, Sam’s blog is his sanctuary, a place where he can share his love for baking with his followers–most of which reside in his hometown. But when a late-night, wine-induced confession accidentally gets published along with a cookie recipe, his feelings for Graham, his brother’s best friend, are suddenly out in the open.
Graham Bennett is charming, wordly, and completely off-limits—or so Sam has always believed. After all, a crush on your brother’s best friend is a recipe for disaster. But when Graham reads the unexpected blog post, he’s surprised to find himself craving more than just Sam’s famous cookies.
As the accidental confession stirs up emotions Sam thought he could keep under wraps, he must decide if he’s ready to turn up the heat and take a chance on love. Graham, intrigued and flattered by Sam’s heartfelt words, finds himself reevaluating his own feelings and the potential for something sweet between them.

Jump to Recipe – Jena Wade

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